WRITTEN BY Sam Addison ON March 14, 2011

Clover Electronics Rear View Vehicle Color Camera System Lets You See What You’re Backing Into

Clover Electronics TFT7001 7 Inch TFT LCD Rear View Color Camera System for Vehicles

Clover Electronics TFT7001 7 Inch TFT LCD Rear View Color Camera System for Vehicles

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The Clover Electronics Rear View Color Camera System for Vehicles provides a complete camera and monitor system to clearly view what's behind your tailgate.

Consider this: drive-in movie-shows are awesome, but accidentally reversing your car into people or things is awful. Now these days, drive-in movie-shows are few and far between, but reversing vehicles into people or things is still all too commonplace. Fortunately, Clover Electronics have released the TFT7001 7 Inch TFT Rear View Color Camera System for Vehicles, a product with the potential to trump both these problems in one fell swoop.

Just stick the 7 inch TFT LCD screen somewhere you – the driver – can easily see it, and you’ve got your own drive-anywhere movie-theatre right there. What better to watch on your new in-car entertainment system than the view out of the rear of your vehicle, as supplied by the color CCD camera affixed to your tailgate?

The supplied camera comes with a sharp 1/3″ CCD sensor, which is sensitive down to 1 lux so you can catch all the night-time action. It’s also waterproof, and works happily between 12 and 120 degrees¬†Fahrenheit, so you can enjoy the view in all weathers.

It’s entirely up to you whether you use the view to avoid reversing into people or things accidentally, or to ensure that you do reverse into people or things deliberately. Mark’s Technology News would like to recommend the former.

Enjoy motion-picture-based safety in your vehicle for the special price of $362.83 from SmartHome.com.

Where can I buy it?
Store: SmartHome.com
Price: $362.83
Buy Now at SmartHome.com

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