WRITTEN BY Sam Addison ON March 8, 2011

Lego City Space Center Flies You to the Moon

Lego City Space Center

Lego City Space Center

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The LEGO City Space Center lets you build your own interactive space port complete with rocket and countdown clock. Lego has never been more cosmic.

Why aren’t we living on the Moon? Why can’t I check into a space station hotel on my way to Mars? More than forty years have passed since a gang of dudes went to the Moon to play golf, plant a flag and hang out, and in that time our progress towards the stars has been dismal. The only solution is to inspire the next generation (being your prodigy progeny) to become astronauts, and the way to do this is through the Lego City Space Center.

Once you build your own space port (and let’s face it, you’re going to make sure you get a shot at this well before your kid gets anywhere near it), you can get your rocket into position and fuel the tank up ready to launch into the final frontier. Get the mechanic and the operator minifigs to make sure everything runs smoothly before your two astronauts board and wait for the countdown to hit lift-off…

Okay, it won’t actually launch a rocket into space, but then, neither will the manned missions to the Moon we were promised not so long ago. It will, however, launch your kid’s stellar imagination.

NASA’s budget might have been cut, but if you can find $81 | £50 | €58 in your pocket we can still go rocket.

Where can I buy it?
Store: Firebox.com
Price: $81 | £50 | €58
Buy Now at Firebox.com

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