WRITTEN BY Sam Addison ON March 7, 2011

Western Digital 1TB TV Live HD Media Center Turns Your Goggle Box into a Google Box

Western Digital 1TB TV Live HD Media Center

Western Digital 1TB TV Live HD Media Center

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The Western Digital 1TB TV Live Media Center provides high-capacity storage for your movies, music & more and streams your media throughout your home in full HD.

TV used to be broadcast in black and white, at Commodore 64 resolutions and over a number of channels that could be counted on one hand. Televisions themselves were also half the size of a living room, were full of valves, made strange high-pitched noises and probably gave you radiation poisoning. That sort of television has long been banished to the history books, but something like the Western Digital 1TB TV Live Media Center really demonstrates how far the goggle-box has come.

Whatever your existing TV-set up, the Western Digital TV Live HD Media Center integrates with any digital media you like, so that watching TV, downloading movies, browsing the web, listening to music and watching slide-shows are all part of the same party.

This media center gives you a colossal 1 Terabyte of storage, archiving vast quantities of on-demand HD video, music and photos that can be pumped out through ethernet, HDMI, USB 2.0, composite A/V, component video and optical audio connections.

Beyond the 1TB local storage, the TV Live HD Media Center’s internet connectivity gives you access to the trillions of terabytes of media on the web too. Just imagine: cats playing piano, in full HD, on your TV!

Who said TV’s dead? Probably no-one. But if they had…the Western Digital TV Live Media Center would have proved them wrong.

Available now from Firebox.com for $292 | £180 | €209.

Where can I buy it?
Store: Firebox.com
Price: $292 | £180 | €209
Buy Now at Firebox.com

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