WRITTEN BY Sam Addison ON March 6, 2011

Roomba iRobot 440 Vacuum Cleaner: I, Robot, Love to Vacuum

Roomba iRobot 440 Vacuum Cleaner

Roomba iRobot 440 Vacuum Cleaner

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The Roomba iRobot 440 Vacuum Cleaner is a compact automatic vacuum cleaner. At last: the age of the household robot is upon us.

We are living in the future. At least, we’re supposed to be. Any year past 1999 was supposed to be the future: a time when flying cars would be commonplace, holidays would be taken on the moon and we could replace an entire meal with a single pill. None of these things have come to pass, but it is some consolation that we do have autonomous vacuum cleaners such as the Roomba iRobot 440.

Forget about bending over, dragging an awkward bulky vacuum around and pushing a nozzle over your carpets: just set the compact Roomba iRobot down on your floor and settle yourself down in a chair to watch an episode of The Jetsons. If this robot were sentient, it would absolutely revel in meticulously crawling over your floors, sucking up dust like an a-list celeb. This automatic vacuum cleaner is, like all other robots, not sentient, but who cares? It cleans your floor.

The Roomba iRobot 440 Vacuum Cleaner is designed to slink into the tight spaces that cause major dust-rage with conventional vacuuming, is smart enough to detect cliffs, and can be further guided by two supplied virtual walls. It even has a dirt sensor, so that it knows when the job is done, and won’t stop until then.

Overstock are offering the Roomba 440 for the special price of $169.00.

Where can I buy it?
Store: Overstock.com
Price: $169.00
Buy Now at Overstock.com

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