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8 Day Autopetfeeder Automatic Pet Feeder Regulates Your Cat Or Dog’s Meals for 8 days

8 Day Autopetfeeder Automatic Pet Feeder

8 Day Autopetfeeder Automatic Pet Feeder

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Dog on a diet? Keep him on schedule with the 8 Day Autopetfeeder by Ergo Systems. They're just too cute to over (or under) feed.

It’s hard enough to remember when you’re supposed to eat, let alone your pet. The 8 Day Autopetfeeder┬ákeeps your dog (or cat) fed no matter how forgetful you are.

This Automatic Pet Feeder holds 96 oz of food and can be programmed for daily feedings, or for multiple meals a day. Whether you have a small dog that can only eat 12 oz a day, or a bull mastiff who will devour the whole bowl, your pet will be fed. The food is separated into 8 different compartments, and the bowl can be removed from the base for easy cleaning. Underneath you’ll find ice packs, enabling you to put wet food in the bowl as well as dry.

8-Day Autopetfeeder Automatic Pet Feeder

One of the coolest features about the Autopetfeeder is that you can record a message to play back every time your pet is fed. So even if you’re not home when your pet has meal time, he/she can still hear your voice beckoning them to the bowl. Powered by three AA batteries, the Autopetfeeder is easy to operate and perfect for pets on medication who need regulated doses.

Spare no expense for the care of your little friend. Log on to Smarthome.com and pick up your 8 Day Autopetfeeder for $71.94.

Where can I buy it?
Store: SmartHome.com
Price: $71.94
Buy Now at SmartHome.com

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