WRITTEN BY Carleton Atwater ON May 14, 2011

Cash Stash Keychain Keeps Emergency Funds Always At Hand

Cash Stash Keychain

Cash Stash Keychain

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The Cash Stash Keychain is the perfect solution for anyone who ever worries about forgetting, losing or being robbed of their wallet or pocketbook.

We’ve all found ourselves in the awkward situation of not having enough cash on us. Maybe you left your pocketbook at home, or your wallet in your other pair of trousers. Regardless of how it happened, we all want to ensure that it won’t ever happen again. Hiding an extra wad of bills in your sock is one way to deal with the problem, but you end up with stinky bills. Fortunately there’s a solution to this problem that will let you keep your shoes on – the Cash Stash Keychain from Firebox.

The Cash Stash Keychain is a tiny device measuring just 4.5cm (L) x 1.5cm (W) x 1.5cm (D), that can comfortably fit one bill inside – wrapped around a special stainless steel CashClip. The capsule itself is made of aircraft grade aluminum and is waterproof, so no matter what you do to your keys, you’ll always have some spare cash on hand. Stop checking your pockets for money, get the Cash Stash today. Just $8, £5 or €6 at Firebox.com.

Where can I buy it?
Store: Firebox.com
Price: $8 | £5 | €6
Buy Now at Firebox.com

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