WRITTEN BY Mark Jeldi ON May 29, 2011

Black Out Stamp: Stamps Out Identity Theft In One Quick, Satisfying Step.

Black Out Stamp

Black Out Stamp

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The Black Out Stamp helps protect you from identity theft by blacking out your personal details in one quick, satisfying step.

If shredding ain’t your thing, this clever little inker will obfuscate all your personal details on receipts and statements and the like – to thwart prying eyes. It’s called the Black Out Stamp, and promises to stamp out the possibility of paper trail identity theft in one quick step.

Ensuring there are no loose ends containing your credit card numbers, bank account details, social security number or return address, the Black Out Stamp is available now for $9.98 at Taylor Gifts.

Your personal details? Identity thieves won’t have an inkling.

Black Out Stamp

Where can I buy it?
Store: Taylor Gifts
Price: $9.98
Buy Now at Taylor Gifts

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