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Do It Yourself DJ System is the DIY of Music

Do It Yourself DJ System

Do It Yourself DJ System

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The Do It Yourself DJ System lets you mix it like a pro, so you can DJ your own parties, or even club nights, using music you already have on your computer.

Professional DJ’s charge serious dough. With the Do It Yourself DJ System from SkyMall.com, you can start charging for your mad music skills.

Cruising on the DIY trend, this DJ System from ION lets you take your music to the next level. Once you plug it into any USB port on your computer and install the Mix Vibes software, you’re ready to mix it up. The system includes a crossfader, bass and treble controls, and a tempo adjuster to make the music flow.

Do It Yourself DJ System

Each of two decks can hold multiple tracks, which can be manipulated with the included software – enabling you to loop sections of a song, cue up the start of two tracks, and control pitching for seemless mixes. You can even record your gorgeous creations to playback later.

The DIY DJ System is just as portable as your computer, allowing you to DJ at any party or club. Since the system requires no external power imput, you only need your computer to start jamming.

Get it now and start training your inner DJ. Get your ION Do It Yourself DJ System on Skymall.com for $149.95.

Where can I buy it?
Store: SkyMall.com
Price: $149.95
Buy Now at SkyMall.com

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