DIY Solar-Powered Bobbleheads

DIY Solar-Powered Bobbleheads

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DIY Solar-Powered Bobbleheads let you have fun the green way, bobbing along indefinitely as long as there's a little natural or artificial light in the room.

Check this out for crazy fun: you can make your own entertainment with DIY Solar-Powered Bobbleheads!

You know your favorite decorations are home-made, and the DIY Solar-Powered Bobbleheads make it easy to fill your room with fun. Each kit comes with pre-cut paper pieces that fold and fit to create a sturdy, 3-dimensional character – plus detailed instructions to help you put together one of four fun characters: Skeleton, Ninja, Tiger Face, and Vampire.

Not only are these little guys made from recyclable paper, they’re also powered by an eco-friendly solar panel. Hidden inside your bobble’s head is a solar rocker, which only needs minimal light (natural or artificial) to keep moving. The Solar-Powered Bobbleheads require no tools to put together, and only take 20-25 minutes to assemble, leaving you plenty of time to sit back and watch.

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Price: $15.95
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