WRITTEN BY Daniel Covarrubias ON June 10, 2011

Pocket Microscope Provides Lighted 100x Magnification To Help You Enjoy The Little Things In Life

Pocket Microscope

Pocket Microscope

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The Pocket Microscope is only the size of a lighter, yet provides a powerful 60-100X magnification, a rubberized eyepiece & even an LED light for illumination.

Do you remember that movie “Men In Black”? Remember how many times they would walk right past the cat with the galaxy hanging around its neck, but couldn’t see it because it was the size of a marble?

If only they had carried a Pocket Microscope with them!

OK, so we all know that there would be no movie at all if they had found the so-called galaxy so soon in the movie. But you have to admit, having a pocket microscope would probably help YOU enjoy all the little things in life: the microorganisms in a drop of water, the real appearance of your hair, and even the slight imperfections that make collectible postal stamps unique.

The Pocket Microscope is a gadget designed to be extremely lightweight and portable; it weighs only 1.12 oz and is about the size of a lighter.

Despite its size, it’s able to provide a powerful 60-100x magnification, plus it features a built-in LED light that ensures a clear, bright image for both nocturnal nosing or daylight detective work.

The Pocket Microscope includes a rubberized eyepiece for comfortable viewing, uses 3 x SG7 (#392) button cell batteries (included) and is available at ThinkGeek for $12.99.

Get yours today and start enjoying the infinite wonders of the microscopic world that surrounds you.

Where can I buy it?
Store: ThinkGeek
Price: $12.99
Buy Now at ThinkGeek

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