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GAEMS G155 Mobile Gaming System Turns Any XBOX 360 Or PS3 Slim Into Portable Entertainment

GAEMS G155 Mobile Gaming System

GAEMS G155 Mobile Gaming System

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The GAEMS G155 Mobile Gaming System is a self-contained mobile gaming environment that lets you carry an XBOX 360 or Playstation 3 Slim with you wherever you go.

Are you so addicted to video games, you can hardly spend an hour without holding a controller in your hands? Wish you could take your seventh-generation video game console with you, wherever you go?

Thanks to the GAEMS G155 Mobile Gaming System, you can carry all the fun and excitement of an XBOX 360 — or Playstation 3 Slim — with you at all times!

GAEMS G155 Mobile Gaming System [gaming on-the-go]

Designed by Gaming and Entertainment Mobile Systems (GAEMS), this portable gaming system is equipped with a built-in 15.5″ LED HD display and an HDMI connection, to feast your eyes with high-definition entertainment even when you’re not at home. Enjoy your gaming at full volume with its integrated stereo speakers, or keep it to yourself by using the dual 3.5 mm headphone jacks.

GAEMS G155 Mobile Gaming System [explosive gameplay]

The G155 Mobile Gaming System holds your console firmly in place and properly ventilated, using straps and a fitted foam base. Plus its storage bags have enough space for your controllers, games, power supplies, and other accessories to travel along.

GAEMS G155 Mobile Gaming System [ready to roll]

Its lightweight, hard-shell case meets TSA regulations and complies with airline carry-on guidelines — protecting your console and accessories from minor impacts while traveling.

The G155 Mobile Gaming System hits stores in August ’11, but you can get yours now at Wicked Machines for $299.00!

Where can I buy it?
Store: Wicked Machines
Price: $299.00
Buy Now at Wicked Machines
Comments (2 Responses):

Needs a power pack you can charge, then game on the go. Did they forget you need to power a console?

If you look at the pictures there is a power supply that’s included. It means you can TAKE your PS3 console anywhere (NOT play on the go), plug the system into ANY available outlet, and start gaming. They didn’t forget a console needs power, they simply assumed that anyone who’d be interested in this item would already know that carrying a power pack large enough to supply a console and a 15-inch LCD would destroy the whole purpose of carrying a console along.

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