Silent Alarm Clock Concept Vibrates You Out Of Bed

Designer Johan Brengesjo has come up with an interesting alternative to the modern alarm clock. His high-tech design incorporates a rubber ring worn on a finger that vibrates to arouse you from sleep.

The alarm, simply called “Silence”, will enable you to wake without disturbing your partner or even your neighbors if you live in an apartment with little soundproofing. The alarm would also be useful for the hearing impaired and improves upon an earlier design by Meng Fandi.

The concept of using subtle vibrations instead of intolerable noises may actually prove more effective in waking us up. Just think. Usually, the alarm goes off, you hit your clock to kill the disturbance and go back to sleep. A more subtle disturbance could slowly arouse us from deep sleep in a persistent but peaceful manner.

For those who have only gotten a few hours sleep, a shake of the hand will activate the snooze function on the ring. However, every successive snooze will require an increasingly violent response, which helps to wake you up.

Johan Brengesjo via Yanko Design


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