WRITTEN BY Markie Reichert ON May 24, 2011

Stylophone: Classic 1969 Retro-Synth Gets Jam-Along MP3 Playback



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The Stylophone offers endless synthesizer fun, letting you play your favorite tunes from the palm of your hand. Now with jam-along MP3 playback!

Just arrived from 1969…

Some old gadgets never go out of style, but most have outlived their working life. Now a great source of entertainment, the Stylophone, is available brand new!

The new Stylophone has all the original features, as well as some new improvements – including three new sounds with a vibrato option on all, and most amazingly, plays MP3s for you to jam with.

Including a headphone socket for listening on the go, as well as a speaker unit for sharing with friends – the new Stylophone also now comes with volume control. That little option would have saved your parents from going deaf.

This little wonder has all the novelty of yesteryear, without sacrificing modern capabilities and is available now from Prezzybox.com for £14.95.

Where can I buy it?
Store: PrezzyBox.com
Price: £14.95
Buy Now at PrezzyBox.com

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