Shape Up Alarm Clock Dumbbell Will Rep You Out Of Bed

Shape Up Alarm Clock Dumbbell Will Rep You Out Of Bed

If you work long hours, or simply can’t find the motivation to work out, the Shape Up Alarm Clock Dumbbell may help. The motivational key to this weighty clock lies in the absence of a button to switch off the alarm. The only way to stop the screeching in the morning is to do…you guessed it…REPS. 30 of ‘em.

Unless you’re so resistant to exercise that you’d sooner smash or smother this thing quiet – you’re going to get a workout. Only thing is, while the Shape Up Alarm Clock sounds like a great motivator, there’s only one dumbbell. Unless you’re happy building one massive arm, or are conscious enough upon waking to organize some arm rotation, you’ll probably want two of them. $26.95 at

Sources: via PopGadget

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Oh my god, that is awesome! I could really use that. Not only am I terrible at getting up in the morning but I am terrible at working out.

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